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So I leave (or am SUPPOSED to leave) tomorrow morning for MD to start my summer, but what am I doing instead of sleeping properly? I'm up with you fine people! :D Much preferred though.

Meme in threesome this way!Collapse )

Going to sleep now, but I have a mobile app on my phone (which DELETED ALL MY TEXTS AND CONTACTS WTF IS THAT SHITE) to update my journal, so I'll be in touch with my sanity in shreds with all of you throughout!


a little self-pimping

Just a quick note to say that you all should go see therumjournals' new header. It's pretty cool :)

guyliner!Karl- A Preview! (plus MOAR ZACH)

So today we have...two photos of Karl I found on my hard drive, and some more photos of Zach I did for ilmatarlady, and icons for (almost) all!

Without further ado...

Karl looks really good in brown eyeliner as wellCollapse )
But first, have some more Zach in guyliner!

Icons of all the above:

If you'd like text on these that you don't see here, just let me know in a comment and I'll be happy to help! comment | credit if using, thanks!

Rest behind the cut!Collapse )

guyliner!Graphics Part Deux

So here's Zach's first guyliner post! I say first because I wasn't really happy with any of the stock images I had for him...anybody know where I could find more hi-res ones?

his eyes are so clear!Collapse )

Here are some icons, whee:
comment | credit if using- thanks!
Hi all!

Firstly, I've been kinda quiet lately because RL stuff is bringing on another bout of depression, and I'm waiting it out so that I won't feel like shite.

Second! Yesterday, some peoples at Pintochat were talking about how good the guys would look in eyeliner. So, I researched, tinkered a bit, and finished one of them!

Here's Chris:

Sinatra has nothing on these:Collapse )

Here are some icons of the above for you:

Comment and credit if using. Enjoy! Zach and Karl and maybe Zoe and Anton and David Tennant are coming soon. :D

Graphics, Part I: ST/PotC wallpaper

So, here's the first graphics post! I've only got one thing so far because college has been kicking my arse, but I'm going to be doing a whole bunch of icons later today, and will probably post them tonight and tomorrow.

Here we have a Star Trek/PotC wallpaper, commissioned by therumjournals:

Sizes available are: 1680 x 1050 1280 x 800

ETA: Quote belongs to Walt Whitman, from Leaves of Grass.

Please ask therumjournals for permission to use this. Other than that, comment and let me know what you think, and if you end up using it. Thanks much!


Can this be? Am I actually- *gasp* - updating MY OWN JOURNAL?!

Yes. Yes, I am. and that's all I'm going to say about that, because it'll drive me crazy otherwise and maybe push me away again, unconsciously, which is Not A Good Thing.

Anyway, since I tend to get wordy, the majority of this will be behind a cut (woo!), but after I'm done, there will be a bullet-point listy-thing here of the main points ~>
A) new college, need new computer, and new kitteh fun!
B) I'm going to work my arse off and put up a graphics post with all my backed up stock images. LINKS to my work are under the relevant cut!
C) I LOVE THE TREK FANDOM, it and its many GQMFs members make me full of squee.
D) If you're into RPS with Chris Pine/ Zach Quinto, or Star Trek fics in general, join/read ontd_pinto, st_respect, ontd_startrek and pinto_fic. They bring the love, srsly.
E) I may be writing fic soon, I just need plot bunnies. Maybe a look at a meme or three?
F) I'm on Twitter! @Anodreth if you'd like to follow me. :D

RL, here you shall report!Collapse )

Graphical Info (no, not like THAT)Collapse )

The Trek fandom wins the Internets for sheer awesome! But esp. these people:Collapse )

My writings, let me tell you about them (or the lack thereof)Collapse )

I think that's all for now- see ya soon! :)

Jul. 25th, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Wow...I'm 18! and yet, I don't feel any different...

I'll probably update (or edit this) later today with stuff, cause I've got to get through two trips to Savannah, a new house (!) , Ocean City, my new job, driving, and a bunch more!

Talk to y'all later!

Eight Memes...

Okay, I know that most fic writers are discouraged to say this on such an occasion, as it makes (some) other people think less of them. However, this is not fic. It is a(n) (icon) tutorial.

So I shall say it: Folks, this is my first-ever attempt at writing and putting together a guide for mass consumption. So, please, for the sake of other people being able to clearly understand it, if you cannot understand something, comment on it so I can fix it.


We will be making this icon today.

You tell those spiders, Ron...Collapse )

Hope that was helpful!