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Feb. 7th, 2005

And today was....hmm...wow. *nods* I think it was that dark chocolate Ms. Scott gave me. Mm-hmm. Anyway...

I am incredibly happy right now, have been all day, and will be for I-don't-know how longCollapse )


Jan. 24th, 2005

New Layout! (sort of, or can it actually be counted as one?) w00t!

I'm going to go have breakfast now.

Notice the prettiness of my self made Icon. *points* If anyone is wondering who the man is, it's Erik (The phantom) from Phantom of the Opera. Credits for the brush go to callmefreak/freak_icons

Au revoir, mon amis.


A-Z meme (from theshiz)

This is so amazingly accurate....whoa...dang. Okay I'll shut up now and let you read it.

WOW! *faints*Collapse )
Somebody stop that awful jackhammer, please? It's hurting my skull

If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyarchipirata
Head Cheerleadericons_with_love
Prom Queenxemo_is_evilx
Gang Memberpainless_j
Band Geektigerangel0603
Theatre Geekhanniebanana
Chess Club Captain_forgivenwords
Loner Goth Kidanodrethlluvine
Class Clownargelfraster
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*dies laughing*

Random: I love the icon used with this post. =D
My mom called. my grandmother has been admitted to the hospital with critically low vital signs, and in much pain. She hasn't been able to get out of bed for months now...too weak...her memory's very weak, hasn't been able to remember me for three weeks now, she's been confusing the names of her children. And, last week, sshe seemed totally catatonic, couldn't move anything except her eyelids....and now this. I'm scared.

*worries* they're not sure whether or not she's gonna make it.
Okay, FINALLY (<*cough*>) making an update, because I seriously need to do so. First of all, my extremely long California vacation experience:

Ah, the simple joy of movies...Collapse )

There was more, but I was too lazy to finish it all. =P

Secondly, the day after I got back (25 July), I had my birthday party! *sarcastically waves streamers* Yay.

And the obligatory giift list follows:

Look, George! It's raining shiny objects!Collapse )

Whew. *wipes away stray sweatdrops*

And the Biggest Damn Surprise Of Them All:

Mom (with my Aunt June and Uncle Charlie in the room) : Do you want your last present?
Me: *instantly alert and suspicious* Yes....what is it?
Mom: *practically breaking her face with the smug smile she's got plastered to it): Tomorrow, at eight o'clock in the morning, I'm waking you up to go to *cackle* SUMMER SCHOOL!!!! For your English 9B course you failed. Which you *will* be attending, whether you like it or not, through August 11th. By the way, Amanda knew about it before you left. *cackles again*
Me (being me): *bursts into tears and runs back to his bedroom and slams the door*

| Later |

Me: *comes out into kitchen* Why'd you have to tell me that on [(implied, for emphasis) f***ing] birthday?! You just do *not* do that to people!
Mom: *loooooooooong silence* Because I felt like it.
Me: *glares daggers and goes back to room*

However, upon actually attending summer school, I discovered it was
- rather fun
- ironic, for which I have no explanation, that the teacher didn't know that next year I'd be a junior, or at least didn't care.
- that when you have five concentrated hours on a subject per day, as opposed to a normal 45 minutes daily five days a week for around nine months, it becomes rather easy.

I mean, we covered House on Mango Street in a literal day, Romeo and Juliet in four, and A Raisin in the Sun in five. Whoa. Didn't even read West Side Story, just watched it. Along with the Leo DiCaprio/Claire Danes total crap version of R/J. Old 1960's version was way better. And Crimson Tide, and Edward Scissorhands. Both great movies. Kales has the right idea. And it ended at 1:00. Great hours.

On 11 August, I finished after writing two paragraphs and answering fifty-three multiple choice questions. *exhales* Later that day, Aunt Lee and her significant other Ted, both of whom I enjoy being with and love dearly, took me out to dinner at Champps, where I had pork chops (YUM!) Then we took a (very) short walk over to LL Bean, where she bought me those nice shirts and the jacket. Then we tackled the literal mile-long Columbia Mall, where I went to Brookstone, met up with a friend from church (I'm catching what Mom has! She runs into people from work everywhere she goes!), then went to Fashion Time, Hecht's, Eddie Bauer, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Starbucks and got a sort of frozen mocha-caramel frappuccino. Delicious.

The next two days until the weekend, I spent watching my Netflix rentals of Queer as Folk, which has become my new favorite TV show. My favorite characters (as if I could choose. *rolls eyes*) are:

- Brian
- Justin
- Lindsay
- Debbie
- Melanie

That was easy. Odd. Anyway, for the weekend, we went down to Lewes, Delaware to visit my mom's friend Fran. On the way down, we stopped at The Narrows, a really good resturant on the water, and I had Chicken Tenders and this absolutely fabulous chocolate bread pudding in a brandy-and cream sauce Mom had peach melba in raspberry sauce. She has a really nice house. (password:password). Monday I did nothing but unpack and organize my music in iTunes until dinner at Panera (cinnamon crunch bagel, sliced and toasted with butter and chocolate-hazelnut spread, and grande IC Caramel) with Mom, who then felt it necessary to inform me she had a date that night with a new guy whose name supposedly appears 800 times in Google as an expert in China. And also to tell me that she had a date with the same person on Wednesday, a new person on Thursday and Friday each, two each on Saturday and Sunday, and another next Monday.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I asked her what accounted for this sudden increase in popularity. And I quote, "My stunning visage." *raised eyebrow* O-kay, then. After she practically threw me from the car and sped down the driveway, I logged on my computer and Amanda enlisted my help in creating a LJ! (tigerangel0603) It's development is still in progress, though. After that, I proceeded to write this absolutely massive journal entry. Seriously, I didn't think it would be anywhere near this length.

Until next time!

Sad stuff...

I'm back from California. And I'm depressed. Even though it is my birthday tomorrow....I miss Aunt Nancy, Uncle Wayne and Amanda. *cries* I WANNA GO BACK!!

*sad stuff over*

PS: Happy belated birthday to Dan Radcliffe!